The Story of a Painting: Daniel Craig in the Union Jack

Daniel Craig Union Jack Pop Art

While I tend to overthink everything, I can be sometimes as shallow as a kiddy pool and just fangirl. Other people scream, squee and swoon – the famous three s of fandom since at least the Beatles – I paint. Daniel Craig in the Union Jack is such an occasion and then again not.

On a personal level this painting stands for turning something bad into something beautiful, something that you just like to look at while sinking into a daydream and letting the world fall away. To give you just the bare stretchers, not the canvas:

I am very shy and introverted served with a side of Aspergers. It’s not an ideal combination, least when you work as an artist, who is expected to sell not just the work but him/herself. Hence, I always try to find ways to improve myself and overcome my shortcomings like my rising anxiety prior and during any communication. In the end I don’t want to be the person holed up at her home dissolving slowly into nothingness as unspoken thoughts don’t leave a mark.

One day when I read about an online role play on Twitter casting its members I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice. In the end it turned out to be as good an idea as the one of the guy thinking the time had come for a cheese cauldron. I was bullied.

You ask, how does Daniel Craig fit into all of this? He had nothing to do with the role play, not even remotely. But one of the people heavily involved in the bullying used a photo of him as the avatar. I am first and foremost a visual artist and images are my life. Such an incident can mess up a lot and not all of it might be rational, like a huge fangirl starting to loath the star, who’s image was used.

I didn’t want to let it happen, let other people have such power over me. So, I sat down with my sketch pad in search of everything I once adored in the man and the role of the hero in her majesty’s service, which he currently personifies.

Daniel Craig sketches

In the end stood out one image: the one in the Union Jack. The face is unique enough to be recognized and yet, like the good spy he is, he is almost hidden in the big whole one – the society – he works for.


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