Banksy for the Wimp: Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever

Welcome to the third edition of Banksy for the Wimp: The Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever. Once again I will turn to my small ramshackle kitchen blackboard and ordinary white chalk in the month of November. What started off as the unloved bastard out of a much regretted one night stand between my insecurities and my frustration has turned into a nice reminder that perfection is just an illusion, that it is diversity and change that brings us ahead, and that most things aren’t meant forever.

Most things. But some things are so essential, breathtaking, and/or impossible to replace that they are supposed to last. And yet we lost them or are in imminent danger to lose them. And we can’t yet be sure what impact this loss will have on humankind.

Before I started I asked everyone who wanted to contribute for their ideas. I thank those who participated. That means not all ideas I bring up were born in my mind. After all an encyclopedia is always a collection of knowledge. And thus I invite everyone to still share their ideas while the project lasts.

With what I selected from the input given I try to put things into some perspective. At points it will be provoking – by purpose. It is after all upon us to change thing, every one of us. Not a miraculous ‘them’ however you might call it. And while some things are truly and irrevocably gone it’s the others we should focus on.

Day 1: Empathy

Day 2: Beuys’ Grease Stain

Day 3: Buddhas of Bamiyan

Day 4: Communication

Day 5: Maldives 

Day 6: Handwriting

Day 7: Dodo

Day 8: The University Library of Leuven

Day 9: Shtetl

Day 10: Polio

Day 11: Gratitude

Day 12: Beeldenstorm

Day 13: Palmyra

Day 14: Lives

Day 15: Inca Empire

Day 16: Glacier National Park

Day 17: Tolerance

Day 18: Degenerate Art

Day 19: West African Black Rhinoceros

Day 20: Truth

Day 21: Great Sphinx of Giza

Day 22: Remorse

Day 23: Damascus Steel

Day 24: Library of Alexandria

Day 25: Ypres

Day 26: We

Day 27: World Trade Center

Day 28: Etruscan

Day 29: Hope

Day 30: This Enceclopedia