Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever – Day 12: Beeldenstorm

Banksy for the Wimp: Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever


Also called Iconoclastic Fury the term refers to an outbreak of destruction of religious images in Europe in the 16th century. It was part of Protestant Reformation. The aggressors were normally organized and unorganized mobs of Calvinists. They destroyed Catholic art and church fittings and decorations. While the Dutch term mostly refers to the outbreaks in summer of 1566 similar attacks happened all through Europe in this century. The Iconoclastic Fury was embedded in a series of religious wars that waded in Europe between 1524 and 1648.

While some masterpieces could be saved by individuals, in some cases the whole oeuvre of famous painters was destroyed and esp. in Henry VIII’s England churches and monasteries were destroyed completely.

It sounds familiar, right?