Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever – Day 17: Tolerance

Banksy for the Wimp: Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever


Tolerance doesn’t mean to accept everything. Violence isn’t acceptable. Stupidity shouldn’t be acceptable. And so on.

But none of us is the same person as the next. We all have different preferences, different taste, different opinions that might overlap in parts with that of another but never will do so completely. Never can do so completely since the reality I perceive is already different to the reality anyone else experiences. This is due to the imperfection of our senses and the readiness of our brains to fill in the blanks, interpret what we discern, and filter information before we are even aware of them.

So, why on earth have we started to think that our personal reality and the opinions, tastes and preferences we formed on its basis is not just better than that of others, but turn it into the ultimate test of acceptability?

Diversity, not just in our genes but also in our ideas and views is the strength of humankind. That’s what brings us ahead and let’s us improve. You want to see where intolerance and Gleichschaltung takes us? Look at the darkness of the Middle Ages, look at the Nazi movement, look at ISIS. And think hard the next time you campaign to have a thought or idea, a headline or a word erased because it doesn’t become  your delicate stomach too well. Is it really that bad and out of there and harmful? Or do you just grave attention?