Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever – Day 18: Degenerate Art

Banksy for the Wimp: Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever


Degenerate art, Entartete Kunst in German, was a term the Nazis used to describe virtually all modern art. They forbade it because they deemed it un-German, Jewish or Communist in nature. Artists affected by the labeling were not allowed to show or sell their art and in some cases were even forbidden to produce it since they were enemies of the state and declared a threat to German culture. While a lot of the more valuable pieces were sold at international auctions to finance the war others were burnt in large bonfires including in the night of July 27, 1942 in the gardens of Galerie Nationale du Jeu du Paume in Paris works by Picasso, Dali, Ernst, Klee, Leger, and Miro.