Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever – Day 20: Truth

Banksy for the Wimp: Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever


Truth isn’t an opinion, even if it is your opinion and you are convinced it is true. There aren’t variation of truth. And truth is seldom easy and plain, but takes time, many questions, and an open mind to discover.

That’s why we are loosing it more and more. We rush to be the first to share something without taking the time to check the facts. If we have the facts we color them to fit our views and/or draw attention. We got so used to Photoshop that we think it creates reality while at the same time forgetting that it exists. We are trained to have the attention span of a gold fish and asked to cater to such a kind of attention span by keeping it short. We think there is a shortcut for everything. We put us into the center of the universe.

If we stuck with Socrates we would always ask first if it’s true, followed by ‘is it kind’ and ‘is it necessary’ – btw. it was really Socrates who said that over two thousand years ago and not any other dude it might be ascribed to and there you have it.