Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever – Day 6: Handwriting

Banksy for the Wimp: Encyclopedia of Things We Lost Forever


Yes, we do live in the age of computers, smartphones, and tablets. Most of writing is done on these devices and thus most things we read are either printed or on a screen. But it isn’t just the nostalgic in me that made me select handwriting from the list of things people sent to me. Handwriting – cursive especially but not exclusively – is one of the great tools to practice eye hand coordination, like sketching/drawing – another skill we are slowly loosing. It asks for patience to learn and even to practice. It asks for precision and forethought because other than on a device you can’t just erase a word or correct a mistake. It asks for knowledge since there are no red lines marking your mistakes and showing you the right way. It makes a thinking process visible. And it helps to shape individuality and personality since even the greatest forgers have trouble to create an exact replica of another person’s hand.

There are probably more things about handwriting that make a great case for keeping it and teaching it. But when you have a hammer all your problems look like nails, when you have a computer the future has nothing else but it in it.