From Berlin With Love – TV report from Sept 23 (with English transcript)

This is a TV report about From Berlin With Love. It was broadcast by rbb (regional station for Berlin and Brandenburg of the German channel ARD) on September 23, 2014 in their show zibb:

English transcript:

Trash bags – when they flap somewhere you will probably guess that you are witnessing environmental activism at work.

Well, not always. When you see yellow trash bags at a lamp post or a tree the nest time, look closely.

When they are artfully painted on like these they are the work of the Berlin artist Aviva Brueckner. Her trash bags are peaceful, friendly attacks.

It does take some courage for Aviva Brueckner to distribute her trash bags widely visible. The Berlin artist is at Rummelsburger Bucht. Only few people are around. Some stop in their tracks and watch the unusual project, which Aviva Brueckner calls attacks.

Because they happen like attacks in a war, without prior notice, without asking for permission, without the people happening upon the attack to be aware of it beforehand.

Aviva Brueckner’s attacks are supposed to bring joy instead of pain and they are supposed to make people thing about the war and its millions victims, many of them artists as well. Aviva Brueckner paints on these trash bags motives that remind of the time before the Great War, the interest in traveling and all the new technical achievements. Things that were lost back when they also declared painting for dead and proclaimed the need for a radical new start.

They took the huge idea that a new idea of man had to be created and that everything that had been done until then hadn’t worked and turned it into the notion that painting is dead. If painting is dead, you can trash it. And what is simple than to paint on trash bags and trash them. That’s one of the reasons why I used trash bags. Of course they are also easy to mail.

Aviva Brueckner created already more than 200 different trash bags and mailed them to places all other the world, even to Australia, America and Asia. There her friends scatter the pieces of art, tie them up without notice in streets or parks. Then they mail photos of their attacks back to Berlin.

I collect these photos and put them up on the internet to show that a network of friends might not be able to prevent a war, but it is able to show the world what it can be when we just use the same principle from which friendship starts – by looking for the common ground and not for what makes us different.

That Aviva Brueckner is interested into the Great War is partly explained by her family story. All of her great grandfathers fought in WWI and one of her grandfathers was part of a special unit that bombed England. That’s why Aviva Brückner scattered her first bags in London.

In some ways this is kind of an apology because my family took part in all of it. But there is also the message that today completely different things start from Berlin as well and that what’s German is not always matching the expectations of German in the heads of others.

A fleeting moment of surprise, of thinking – when this is the result of her art project Aviva Brueckner has come a step closer to her dream of a more peaceful world.



2 thoughts on “From Berlin With Love – TV report from Sept 23 (with English transcript)

  1. I’ve already played and it was so much fun. My sister enjoyed it too and we didn’t go to jail! Thank you for letting me be a part of your art attack.

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