Berlin, Germany – From Berlin With Love

Berlin, Germany on September 12, 2014:

The scientific revolution followed by the industrial revolution made it not only possible to explore all the faraway places and bring their tastes and views back into the old world technically, because they provided the means of transportation, communication and documentation. They changed daily life in such a way that they opened up time and space in the daily schedule but also in the heads to create a broader interest in what these places had to offer and with it a yen to see or somehow experience these distant places.

Over time these new impressions and yarning became an influence in the arts. Whether Persian colors or Japanese lines or American sounds or the dreams of the Southern Seas – they all wove their sensations into the heads of European artists and on this way into the homes of those who could afford it. In the longest rather peaceful stretch Europe had seen in a long time the belief into the ever rising prosperity through technical advances grew as fast as the concupiscence for all these nice things so far away that usually still belonged to another and were completely wrongly allotted.

Covetousness led to ultimatums and ultimatums let to war and all the chaos brought along was mourning for a generation lost and vows to do better.


From Berlin With Love was meant to go out into the world from Berlin. But just as the wars it is based on the project returned. It was an incredible pleasure to work with the team from RBB (the Berlin Brandenburg branch of the ARD, German state TV) deep conversations behind the camera included.


 IMG_2013  IMG_1995  IMG_1996
 IMG_1997  IMG_1999  IMG_2001
 IMG_2002  IMG_2004  IMG_2005
 IMG_2008  IMG_2012  IMG_1923
 IMG_1925  IMG_1927  IMG_1926
 IMG_1928  IMG_1929  IMG_1930

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