San Antonio, TX – From Berlin With Love

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” Robin Williams as John Keating in The Dead Poet Society.

War has so many aspects, but the topic that springs to mind first is death and thus life since death is as much as we try to repress it in our daily rush an integral and the ultimate part of life’s journey. I approached this topic – the millions of deaths in the Great War or in any war – very early on in From Berlin With Love (in my personal timeline, not in the timeline of the art attacks). It was the elephant in the room that needed to be taken care of and moved.

But I didn’t want to do it alone, just as nobody should deal with the great messy adventure of life and death alone. We all fight battle, are at war with our body, our mind, our fate or the snails that nibble on the lettuce in the field. We aren’t strong enough to do it alone. We aren’t meant to do it alone.

That’s were friendship and life are connected. So, it seemed just logical to tie this topic even closer to some friends in order to celebrate life that is and life that has been. In San Antonio Maggie and Marie Provencher art attacked the city in memory of their sister who’s ultimate battle was not a war but cancer. The idea they spread with all others that joined From Berlin With Love is that a network woven from friendship might not prevent a war but it can show the world what it could be.


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