Sarona/ Tel Aviv, Israel – From Berlin With Love

Saturday I left the house, took the city train to Friedrichstrasse, picked up the Book of Life by Deborah Harkness, found a bench in the shade of the trees of the Tiergarten so the sun wouldn’t burn me to a crisp, and set out to read before turning my steps back home. It was a beautiful summer day. The French – German fair was in full swing at the Brandenburg Gate. The Academy of the Arts had its doors wide open and showcased the final projects of this year’s graduates. Tourists flocked to the Reichstag waiting for their turn to ascend to Sir Norman Forster’s dome. White ships wound their way past the city’s most famous buildings, packed to the last seat. People demonstrated in several spots for several causes.

On my way I walked past, rode with, sat next to, and even exchanged some words with dozens of people from all over the world. And all these people were just like me. They all had their own stories, loves, hopes, talents, strengths, dreams, fears, worries, plans, convictions, struggles, believes, burdens to carry, families, and friends – which I don’t know of and never will. Faces that emerge from the ocean to become a dot in my reality just to dissolve in it again in a wink; not more than a fleeting memory.

There are millions of us. In an attempt not to drown and dissolve in the ocean, we steer for what distinguishes us. We pile up differences like they could turn into life rafts that are kept afloat by the stack of those we cast out. The higher the stack of rejects the higher our chances seem to stay on top and stick out. Then we wonder why we are constantly fighting small skirmishes and big wars while being ineffably lonely, unassuageably scared, and infinitely lost.

Since diversity is our key to survival through adaptation there will always be differences. Science, the long story of evolution, has proven that it is actually when these differences mix that we are most creative, most flexible and thus strongest.

While time and space matter in magic, the magic of friendship, of turning temporary dots into fixed stars in the sky over the ocean that can shed light for us, amaze us with their beauty and guide us when we are lost, depends on more. It takes courage, an open mind, the willingness to bestow trust and to share, steadfastness, and the gift to spot and to head for the common ground in the midst of our diversity.

Common ground, shared interests, that’s the place friendships start and from there we dare to endeavor to experience the yet unknown. A network of friends is like a celestial map – a tool to reach unchartered territory as well as a way to find back home, maybe even to predict the future. Though such a network of friends will always be too small to prevent wars (after all our brain isn’t capable to keep up true personal relationships with more than 150 people at a time), it can show the world what it can be.

This batch of bags of From Berlin With Love have been created for Yael with her dareling daughter Gili and our mutual friend Sophie in mind. It is easy to speak about friendship when looking at them. It’s harder to stick to these rather simple convictions in times of crises. But it is in crises  when we need to remember them the most. Thank you to Yael, Gili and Leah for distributing them in Sarona, a park in Tel Aviv, Israel.


 10346102_10152970921058324_8501911203132177691_n  10857883_10152970919843324_5514117680190732472_n  10850206_10152970921418324_6475327459429008497_n
 10849898_10152970920178324_2221246434154263417_n  10849887_10152970920803324_1574262336822184883_n  10849870_10152970919733324_6129677318593166884_n
 10849801_10152970920973324_5750336110139972163_n  10847845_10152970920263324_1023720868247573447_n  10847825_10152970920553324_4900141347551718590_n
 10846327_10152970919703324_3819302286066512680_n  10846076_10152970920673324_5627543439070512442_n  10845933_10152970920383324_362094809872766011_n
 10805539_10152970920438324_6123963078976409959_n  10665391_10152970921108324_6349216725907094107_n  10628324_10152970919778324_3072234221836804015_n
 10411012_10152970921013324_6378696817009616961_n  10292439_10152970919878324_4141122534639556616_n  10425482_10152970921573324_7551881089457339865_n
 10253879_10152970920333324_9187590553437294260_n  photo5  photo4
 photo7  photo3  photo6
 photo2  photo1  photo8

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