Insular Art

Insular Art or also called Hiberno-Saxon art is art created on the British Isles and Ireland in post-Roman, early Medieval times. This means the time period between 600 and 900 AD for the British Isles and 600 to 1200 AD for Ireland.

The common style in Britain and Ireland of this time was different to that of the rest of Europe.  It is characterized by the use of highly dense, intricate and imaginative decorations and the love of spirals, triskeles, circles and other geometric motives which were combined with animal forms. Human figures, first shown in the same geometrical style like animal forms, reflect the classical figure style towards the end of the period. The art knows no depth or perspective.

The art period is brought to an end through the invasion and the raids of Vikings while it was at its peek. The best known example of art from this period is the Book of Kells.


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