Ottonian Art

The term Ottonian art describes the prevailing art style of pre-Romanesque German Art, given that Otto was the name of a couple of German kings of this time. It is a blend of Late Antique, Carolingian and Byzantine styles and an expression for the renewed faith in the ideas of empire and reformed church.  It provides a visual link to the great Christian leaders of Late Antique like Constantine or Justitian, from which the kings of the Holy German Empire believed to be descend from.

950 until 1025 AD was a period of heightened cultural and artistic fervor. Illuminated manuscripts were the prevalent art form of this time. And Ottonian monasteries produced some of the most magnificent medieval masterpieces sponsored directly by the emperors and bishops and executed with the best equipment and talent available. One of the best known of these masterpieces is the Codex Egberti.

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