1.11 Home Invasion: Jade Elephants, Forbidden City, Japanese Swords and Vaadia

Jade Elephants Forbidden City Japanese Swords Boaz Vaadia

Art = Capital. This episode even more so than others is all about the nature and price of art (see the accompanying article for that). As for the elephants mentioned, here is the story that might have sparked the idea: In 2010  a pair of gray-green Jade elephants made for the Emperor Quianlong in the 1700s went to auction in Great Britain. They bear the mark of the Emperor and were once made to sit next to his throne. They were brought to Britain in the 19th century and came into the possession of an English aristocratic lady who died in 2010. The elephants were discovered in the things she left behind.  A similar piece was auctioned off the year before for more than 3 million British Pounds. The buoyant Chienese art market let to hopes that the pair would be the subject of a highly profitable sale.



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