Rococo might be also referred to as Late Baroque. It describes the European art period between 1720 and 1780. It developed inParisas opposition to the great grandeur, symmetry, opulence and strict regulations of Baroque. Rococo has a more playful, often witty, lighthearted, floral and graceful approach and less drama. It’s a lot less political and much more worldly than Baroque and was therefore criticized as superficial, frivolous and merely modish.

The word Rococo derives from the French words rocaille and coquilles translating as stone or pebble – the kind you would find in a garden as decoration – and shell. This is due to the fact that Rococo artists relayed on these objects as motif of decoration.

The art of Rococo is characterized by ornaments, cream and pastel hues, asymmetrical designs, curves and gold. In Rococo rooms were designed as a whole masterpiece with the fitting furniture, tapestry, reliefs, wall paintings and decorative tsatske. In paintings Rococo shows in delicate colors, curves, and decorative cherubs and myths of love. Portraits and pastoral landscapes were very popular. Some works show a naughtiness and impurity in the behavior of the subjects that points to the departing away from the church/state orientation.

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