2.03 Copycat Caffrey: Antioch, Pop Art and Matisse


Pop Art

Antioch Matisse

Lewis Thayer is – like many of the artist of more recent times mentioned on White Collar – not a real artist. But he and his Untitled #2 can stand in for many Pop Art artists. In fact while the composition of the piece shown reminds a bit of Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, the dots fit to Roy Lichtenstein’s work (and could even be traced back further to Pointillism and Seurat). What’s really interesting is the mentioning of the Antioch Manuscripts. They could be, but they are not real either. Yet from Antioch, via Monty Python’s Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch one get’s to the Holy Spear of Antioch (well, it wouldn’t need the Monty Python reference, but I love to be thorough 😉 ). And one of the theories about the whereabouts of the Holy Spear of Antioch include a German u-boat that left Kiel during the last days of WWII, was sunk by the RAF and was salvaged by a business man. Sounds familiar though we wouldn’t know that yet at this point of the series.

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