Dilbert is a character of a long-running American comic strip of the same name. The comic strip is written and drawn by Scott Adams and was first published in 1989. It now appears in 2000 newspapers worldwide in 65 countries and 25 languages. There are books and since 2008 an interactive website with daily short animations.

In the world of the comic strip the engineer Dilbert and his colleagues are stuck in the middle management level of a company, where skills and efforts are not rewarded, but busy work is praised. The Kafkaesque stories of micromanagement, mismanagement and other excrescences of corporate culture are told in a satirical way, but never with the slightest outcry of Dilbert or his colleagues. They seem content enough with bureaucracy done for its own sake and office politics keeping people away from their real work.

It is the real irony of the Dilbert comics that the white collar worker, who love Dilbert for putting the finger where it hurts, are the ones attacked themselves, but don’t get the joke. That’s why the Dilbert comics have been criticized for depicting “many negative aspects of corporate existence as unchangeable facets of human nature” and as being “the offbeat sugary substance that helps the cooperative medicine go down”.

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