2.11 Forging Bonds: THE Raphael



Saint George St. George and the Dragon


What is funny is that Neal and Kate talk about the romantic of the life as a starving artist in front of a Raphael. While this story is unfortunately true for so many, Raphael’s career seemed to be effortless and easy. I mean, he lived only to 37 years of age, but these years were as productive and successful as they could be from the very early beginning when he took over the management of his late father’s workshop in his early teens to his work at the Vatican in Rome as a rival of Michelangelo. Raphael was never the starving artist.

2 thoughts on “2.11 Forging Bonds: THE Raphael

  1. Wow! Great job on the site! There is not near enough culture among average society. Thanks for your time and effort to educate sheep:) appreciated by atleast one person:)

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