Paul Dubois

WC Art Encyclopedia Paul Dubois

Paul Dubois (Jul 18, 1829 – May 23, 1905) was a French sculptor and painter. Born at Nogent-sur-Seine he studied law and art, but stuck with the later. After a stint in Rome he started to exhibit busts and statues at the Paris Salon. His work was awarded and pieces were acquired by the French State for the Musee du Luxembourg. What followed were busts and statues that were remarkable for their vivacity, likeness and refinement. His work shows a Renaissance spirit. Yet, while his early work displayed clearly Italian influence, this trait disappeared when his own individuality became asserted.

Throughout his career he won numerous very prestigious prizes and other distinctions and was made a member of several honorary legions and orders as well as academies. He died 1905 in Paris.

In 1889 Dubois created a statue of Joan of Arc for the town of Rheims. She is depicted as a simple peasant girl riding on a horse in armor. Many experts say that it is the finest equestrian statue of modern times. In 1922 a replica of the statue was erected at Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC in order to celebrate the friendship between France and the United States. It was donated by Le Lyceum Societe des Femmes de France to the women of the USA.

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