White Collar Art Encyclopedia

If you ever thought my art and essay series Hogwarts and Dante’s Nine Spheres of Paradiso was geeky, this art and encyclopedic kind of series will beat it by lengths. You can blame the book shop employee, who annoyed me a lot when he told me that book shops wouldn’t carry art and art history books anymore as there wasn’t any interest in them and therefore no money to be made. And now you are surprised that some people were actually astonished to learn that the Titanic really existed and didn’t just sink in a movie?

Interest can only be generated in something a) you are at least confronted with and b) that is connected to something you already have some kind of interest in. I know for a fact that many people are referred to my site while searching for “the Raphael from White Collar” or “the art in Neal Caffrey’s apartment”. Yet, art-wise White Collar has to offer so much more. And so you will find here in the following information on any art, artist and art period mentioned in the episodes plus some. From illuminated manuscripts to Rumination on the physicality of space and the nature of sculpture, from Late Antique to Art = Capital and of course THE Raphael.

Season 1

Pilot: Goya and War Bonds
1.03 Book of Hours: Illuminated Manuscripts, Book of Hours, Vinland Map
1.05 The Portrait: Impressionists, Post-Impressionist, Matisse and the Hungarian
1.08 Hard Sell: Amber, Amber Room and the Music Box
1.09 Bad Judgment: Richard Serra and Rumination
1.11 Home Invasion: Jade Elephants, Forbidden City, Japanese Swords and Vaadia
         Cost me $220.000 if you can believe that. – On the Nature of Art and its Price (essay)
1.14 Out of the Box: Fancelli and Vulcan

Season 2

2.01 Withdrawal: Ivan Aivazowsky and Russian Romanticism
2.02 Need to Know: Aphrodite, her Flower and Dogs Playing Poker
2.03 Copycat Caffrey: Antioch, Pop Art and Matisse
2.05 Unfinished Business: Raphael, Saint George and Renaissance
2.07 Prisoner’s Dilemma: White Bored, Fairey and Dilbert
2.09 Point Blank: Music Box and Modernists
2.11 Forging Bonds: THE Raphael
2.13 Countermeasures: Renoir and Impressionism
2.16 Under the Radar: Rembrandt, van Dyck and Priam’s/Troy’s Treasure

Season 3

3.01 On Guard: Art Deco, Hopper and a Whole Lot More
3.02 Where There’s a Will: Degas
3.08 As You Were: Cezanne
3.09 On the Fence: van Dyck, Matisse, Degas
3.10 Countdown: Degas and Matisse
3.11 Checkmate: Beaten by a Raphael
3.12 Upper West Side Story: Frans Hogenburg
3.14 Pulling Strings: Street Art and Klimt
3.15 Stealing Home: Jackson Poll0ck
3.16 Judgment Day: Raphael’s St. George and the Dragon

Season 4

4.01 Wanted: Bottle Ships and Mona Lisa
4.05 Honor Among Thieves: Gates of Hell and Mobile
4.06 Identity Crisis: Washington’s Flag
4.08 Ancient History: Rai Stones and Antiquities
4.12 Brass Tacks: Pyramids and Colosseum, Empire State and Rockefeller Center
4.14 Shoot the Moon: Versailles
4.15 The Original: Bernini and Dubois
4.16 In the Wind: Music Box

14 thoughts on “White Collar Art Encyclopedia

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    • Thank you! Though I am often asked about the art in his apartment, especially the painting with the lady in 20s style, I haven’t yet planned to expand the encyclopedia to include Neal’s stuff if it is not explicitly mentioned in an episode. I will however update as soon as new episodes with anything art related air.

  3. I never thought to comment to say how awesome I find your blog. I’m not finished going through all the art references, but the whole of it is fascinating and interesting. Including your own art.
    (thought you needed to be a wordpress user to comment…)

  4. Would love to know where the NY SKYLINES ETCHED IN GLASS. In the office came from. On this last episode, season 6 episode 2

  5. Hi, I would love to know what the painting with the girl in the swim cap in Neil’s apartment is all about. If you have any info, please advise. thanks

    • Hi Jess, I’ve been asked about this painting before. And I still can’t give a fully satisfying answer to questions to it. It is not a famous painting. And it is not even in style of Neil’s beloved French impressionists. Style and fashion suggest it is from the 1920s – expressionism/ art deco. It would fit the style of the house and one of NY’s booming times – the Roaring 20s – when the high society started to spend their summers on the water and in the Hamptons. Great Gatsby time. So, the best guess I can come up with is that it is a homage to New York and this life Neil tries to copy.

  6. Personally, I think this is awesome. I never had more than a passing interest in the masters of Art, until watching White Collar. I think Neal’s passion for art was just too infectious. Thanks so much for taking the time to catalogue all of it for us.

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